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Rasper For Starch Processing Line
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Automatic Control System

/Automatic Control System Used In Tubers Extract Processing

Automatic Control System Used In Tubers Extract Processing

The automatic control system is developed based on our equipment by SGT independently.  By collecting processing parameters and displaying working-status, the system enables starch processing equipment to work efficiently under the optimum processing conditions. Long time practice has proved the high efficiency of the system.

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The automatic control system is specially designed for the specific conditions of your process equipment and all auxiliary equipment, and provides you with the design, installation and commissioning of a complete set of equipment with rationality, safety and reliability.

The control system adopts Siemens, American OPTO22, Mitsubishi, AB, Delta and other brands, with PLC + configuration software architecture and industrial Ethernet network.

The flow interface is designed to have vivid visuals and dynamics. All equipment items displayed on the interface are similar to the actual form of the equipment and are drawn with the corresponding configuration software. All running equipment items are illustrated with color change, direction of rotation and flow indication, etc. or customized according to customer needs.
1. PLC/PAC/DCS control system

2. Related communication or signal acquisition with field instruments, frequency converters, etc.
3. Relevant communication with other control systems
4. Able to monitor remote factories from the headquarters and realize remote debugging
5. Full computerized high-precision adjustment of process parameters
6. Low operator requirements

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Stone remover
Stone Remover For Starch Processing Line

Stone Remover is a professional equipment to remove stones designed according to characters of tubers. It is widely used in the stone washing process in starch production.  It can effectively remove the sand and the inclusion of large gravel, bricks and other heavy debris attached to potato, sweet potato, cassava, etc. It can protect equipments in the post processes, and improve the quality of starch. According to the structure and working principle, there are 2 models: cyclone gravity type and reverse spiral horizontal type.

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Lotus Starch Processing Line For Lotus Extract Processing

Product Advantages 1.Combining the mature European technologies and domestic production in high standard, makes our system of the best performance-price ratio. 2.Fully closed and modular structure makes compact layout, resulting in a sharp reduction of installation time. 3.Steady running control system range from fully automatic to manual, catering to customers’ needs for various systems. 4.By utilizing 3D design software, detailed drawings can be provided for customers’ facilitated installations.

Cassava Drum Soil Remover
Drum Soil Remover For Tapioca Cleaning

Drum Soil Remover widely used in the raw material pre-cleaning in tuber starch production. It can effectively remove the soil, sand, small stones, weeds and other impurities attached to potato, sweet potato, cassava, potato and other materials.

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Whole tapioca flour is also called tapioca flour, which is in the form of powder. Unlike tapioca starch, it is the processed product of all tapioca roots, retaining the nutrients of tapioca, and its nutrition is more comprehensive than that of tapioca starch. Mainly for food. According to our company's many years of industry experience, the processing of tapioca flour can be roughly divided into several sections: cleaning, crushing, dehydration, drying, and packaging. Each section is linked, and the entire production process can be automated.

Sweet Potato starch
Vacuum Filter For Tapioca Starch Processing Line

Vacuum filter absorbs domestic and international advanced technology, and is widely used in starch, medical, food, chemical and other industries for solid-liquid dehydration separation.

RO pure water system
RO Pure Water System For Purified Water In Starch Processing Line

Reverse osmosis is a new membrane separation technology with pressure difference as driving force. This technology can eliminate inorganic ions, bacteria, viruses, organic matter and colloid subjects in the water. RO pure water system can significantly improve starch quality in high viscosity starch production. Besides starch production, it can be widely used in food, beverage, bio-pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well.

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Wheat Starch Processing Line For Wheat Extract Processing

For a long time, Tidecom has been providing innovative solutions for the wheat starch industry from a single machine to a complete process. A full understanding of the major challenges facing the wheat starch industry today. Therefore, a wealth of technical solutions have been developed for the design, construction and optimization of a complete set of multi-purpose equipment for the recovery and extraction of by-products such as wheat starch, gluten, animal feed, and even bioethanol.

Mobile starch processing plant
Mobile Starch Processing Plant For Plant Extract Processing

Product Advantages 1. Extended processing time 2. Improve product quality 3. reduce environmental pollution 4. Reduce intermediate costs (acquisition\transportation\storage) 5. Improve land utilization (reduce raw material storage yard) 6. Improve equipment utilization 7. Shorten payback period

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.