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Desanding Cyclone Operation

May 11 , 2022

Desanding cyclone consists of slurry feed-in,starch milk outlet,conical ceramic cyclone tube,conical stainless steel tank,sand discharge value,counter-flow value,and so on.

After being pumped into desanding cyclone tube,slurry milk swirls inside the tube with high speed. By the force of centrifugal effect,lighter matter (starch) swirls out through overflow pipe,and heavier matters (soil,sands and etc) settle down through the bottom of cyclone tube. They are collected by manual or auto value.

Operating conditions

1.Temp : 0-40℃


3.Air pressure:3.5-4 bar

4.Water pressure:2-3 bar

Installation,use and maintenance

1.Installation :

According to process requirements,install the equipment in the exact location. The equipment installation location (ground) should be level and smooth. Desanding cyclone don’t need the anchor bolts to fix, By adjusting foot balanced of the bottom of the machine, make the equipment in the required horizontal position.  All desanding cyclone respectively connected to the pipeline should be solid support, to ensure the normal operation of the machine.


Adjust the water flow when using the recoil (should be continuous) is the key to ensure Desanding rate, water pressure is too high, the smaller sand will flow into starch through the overflow pipe; low water pressure, the starch granules will be together to sink.

Determination of sampling discharged from the sand, and grit removal effect can be determined from the expulsion Desander sand should contain a very small amount of starch, such as starch absolutely no point, it indicates that there is no small amount of fine sand is collected and mixed with the starch.

To best results for Desanding, feed pressure should be maintained 3bar. And through observe the glass, sand gathering timely determination of height, ready to rule out the sand.

Desanding manually, turn off the 2nd valve at the bottom.And then open the upper part of the 1st valve until grit sand inflow exhaust pipe (about 0.5m long) between the two valves, closing the upper valve No. 1, No. 2 and then open the lower part of the valve a few seconds, you can exclude sand. When two rows of alternating rows of sand sand valve, should be timely replenishment by recoil valve.

Desanding automatically, under normal circumstances, the bottom valve is closed and the upper portion of the valve opening delay time of the solenoid valve can be adjusted, after reaching the waiting time, the upper portion of the airbag quickly close the valve, balloon valve to open a lower portion (air link), which when the sand is discharged from the discharge port sand, sand row after the lower part of the valve is closed, the upper valve open, and so forth

General use, the waiting time is set to 15 minutes, on-time is set to 60 seconds (can be adjusted according to the actual situation).


①Regularly inspect Desander leaks, repair

②When the device stops working: use clean water to clean  desander thoroughly.

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