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Do you know the secret of structure of centrifugal sieve?

April 19 , 2023

Centrifugal sieve is made of stainless steel body, door cover, feed pipe, anti flushing component, back flushing nozzle, rotating sieve basket, spindle drive group (triangle), motor, powder collecting chamber, slag room set.

When the equipment is operating, potato feed duct cover door by emulsion on the rotating conical basket at the bottom, under the action of centrifugal force, emulsion evenly along the screen surface distribution, and to the large diameter direction. In the conical sieve basket, emulsion surface tangent, normal interaction force in two directions and along the inner cone curve movement, complicated and even rolling, until it reaches the outer conical basket, by centrifugal force and to the surrounding sputtering falls into a slag chamber. While the starch particle diameter is smaller than the screen mesh or the width of the space, in the centrifugal force and gravity, through the mesh or crack part directly into the set powder room; the other part of the body to the back shell and the back shell sputtering down, finally falls into a powder room.

Because the conical sieve basket in the front and back are set to the spray nozzle can evenly to the sieve basket spray diluted water, to develop liquid potato starch granules while spraying water can also improve the speed of movement of the starch granules and fine fiber (potato residue), prompting the powder, slag separation, the full extraction of starch.

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