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Flash Dryer Installation and Maintenance

April 23 , 2023

Install all components of the airflow dryer in accurate positions according to process requirements; The tangential position between the outer circle of the impeller of the throwing device and the outer curve of the drying tube should not be incorrect. After adjusting the level in all directions, fix it with expansion bolts. Ensure that the drying pipes, fan main pipes, exhaust emission pipes, cyclone separators and all connecting pipes are vertical or horizontal, and ensure that all pipes are firmly supported and there are no leaks at all connections. Adjust the level of the induced draft fan (refer to the fan manufacturer's manual) in all directions and tighten the foundation bolts. The air inlet of the heat exchanger should be in a clean and relatively dry environment (important!). The connection between the steam input pipeline of the heat exchanger and the main steam distributor gate valve should be firm, and the positions of each pressure gauge and temperature gauge should meet the process requirements.

During use, wet material particles containing a certain amount of moisture are fed into the impeller of the throwing device through a conveying device and enter the drying tube of the airflow dryer in a uniformly dispersed manner, ensuring rapid mixing of heat energy and materials, evaporation of material moisture, temperature reduction, and avoiding material sedimentation loss. At the same time, the optimal quality and minimum heat loss of the finished material are ensured.

1. When turning on the airflow dryer

Start the induced draft fan and adjust the air inlet valve.

Activate the air shutter.

Open the hot exchange steam input valve and adjust the inlet pressure.

Start the feeder.

Start the material conveyor.

Properly adjust the steam pressure, control the material flow and the inlet air flow of the induced draft fan to make the air flow dryer reach the set and ideal temperature value.

2. When the airflow dryer is running

Regularly inspect the moisture content of the materials dried by the dryer to ensure the drying quality of the materials.

Observe the steam input pressure of the heat exchanger and the temperature inside the airflow dryer to effectively control its temperature value.

Patrol inspection of various operating equipment and components of the airflow dryer, and promptly identify and handle any abnormal noise.

3. When turning off the airflow dryer

Turn off the material conveyor.

After all the materials enter the drying tube, close the throwing device.

Close the steam input valve.

After all materials enter the discharge outlet through the air shutter, close the air shutter.

After confirming that all materials in the airflow dryer have been discharged, turn off the induced draft fan.

4. Maintenance and upkeep

Each part of the bearing shall be lubricated according to the instructions of the equipment manufacturer.

After shutdown, clean the residual materials inside the various equipment of the airflow dryer (such as the throwing device, air shutter, inlet and outlet of the induced draft fan, etc.).

Remove any debris attached to the air inlet filter of the heat exchanger.

5. If maintenance is required, please consult SGT Company, which can provide professional maintenance services.

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