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Rasper For Starch Processing Line
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  • Rasper Installation and maintenance
    Rasper Installation and maintenance
    Apr 18 , 2023
    1. Installation By drawing on-site precast concrete foundation, according to the size of the reserve a fixed bolt hole (see "Rasper foot drawings"), concrete foundation must be smooth, level. When Rasper installed in its final position, make sure the holes for the fixing bolts located in the center, and check whether the machine perfectly level (important !!). According to the provisions of second...
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  • Chopper operation
    Chopper operation
    Apr 19 , 2023
    Working condition 1.temperature:0~40℃; 2.humidity≤70%; 3.Operating Voltage:380V,frequency:50Hz(different design for different contries). Installation, operation and maintenance 1. Installation According to process requirements that install chopper in the exact location. It shall be placed in a horizontal position. Fix the disc distributor feeder and silo after adjust the horizontal position. 2. Op...
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  • Do you know the structure and principle of flash dryer?
    Do you know the structure and principle of flash dryer?
    Apr 21 , 2023
    The flash dryer is composed of a heat exchanger, a throwing device, a drying tube, a cyclone separator, a shut-off device, an induced draft fan, a main fan pipe, and a tail gas discharge pipe. During the drying process, fresh and clean air is heated by a heat exchanger and mixed with the material particles transported from the throwing device (or a special sealed spiral conveyor can be used to tra...
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  • Flash Dryer Installation and Maintenance
    Flash Dryer Installation and Maintenance
    Apr 23 , 2023
    Install all components of the airflow dryer in accurate positions according to process requirements; The tangential position between the outer circle of the impeller of the throwing device and the outer curve of the drying tube should not be incorrect. After adjusting the level in all directions, fix it with expansion bolts. Ensure that the drying pipes, fan main pipes, exhaust emission pipes, cyc...
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