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Rasper For Starch Processing Line
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How To Operate?- Rasper Instructions

May 11 , 2022

The machine is equipped with a combination of rasp of the rotor rotates in two bearings, the spacing of rasp plate and Rasping Article are adjusted by bolts,sieve plate located under the Files.

Separate bearing not in contact with the cabinet, and therefore will not be damaged by water leakage in case Rasper. Rasper rotor by the motor and V-belt pulley drive motor and the rotor is mounted in a very sturdy stainless steel machine base.The inlet on the top of rasper. V-belt pulley drives with stainless steel shield completely closed.The aircraft with high-speed rotation of the rotor rasp bars, the material between the rasp plate screwed into the ground into particles filing, and uniform emulsion falls through the sieve chute.

Operating conditions

1、Temp 0~40℃;


3、Operating Voltage 380V,frequency 50Hz(Different countries can be specially designed)。

Installation, usage, maintenance


By drawing on-site precast concrete foundation, according to the size of the reserve a fixed bolt hole (see "Rasper foot drawings"), concrete foundation must be smooth, level. When Rasper installed in its final position, make sure the holes for the fixing bolts located in the center, and check whether the machine perfectly level (important !!). According to the provisions of secondary pouring concrete slurry to set aside the hole until the hole concrete mortar solidified again after checking the horizontal position, then tighten the bolt base.

2、Check before start running

(1)All parts must be checked for damage

(2)You must check whether the foreign body or curable hard impurities within the enclosure, should be cleaned

(3)Sieve fastening must be checked

(4)You must check the spacing between bars and the rasp plate ,spacing <2mm

(5)Must be check the position of each group rasp bars.

(6)Must check the motor rotation is correct

(7)Must check the V-belt tension, not too loose or too tight

(8)Must check the fastening of bolts of each housing.

(9)Rasping must check whether the fastening strip, whether protruding rotor and housing scratch phenomenon, if the rasp bar adjustment in place, flush with the end face of the rotor.

(10)Grease the case must be checked each part.

(11)Must check power distribution control system, safety protection device is intact

Checked to ensure the safety and correct boot drive motor, when the motor reaches maximum speed before feeding operation.


①Stop feeding the material processed in the standby off the motor power, open the flushing water (only maintained until the rotor is completely stopped)

②Weekly Check sieve and rasp bars in each group, the damaged must be replaced.

③Weekly Check condition of V-belts tightness

④Every 200 hours of use,add a grease in bearings and other parts.

⑤Maintenance and inspection work wear after 2000 hours: bearing, combination rasp, V-belt, plate and moving parts.

⑥After 10,000 hours of work required to carry out all the general maintenance and inspection.

⑦Regularly check bearing temperature, normal operating temperature must not exceed the specified temperature (see bearing manufacturer instructions).

⑧When Rasper disable more than one day, the groups need to remove the rasp bars to prevent rusting.

⑨When Rasper disabled longer time, remove the rasp bar in each group, then need to loosen the belt, regular rotation of the rotor, bearings, if necessary, to reconfigure.

⑩When replacing the sieve or rasp bars, beware sharp rasp bars and pay attention to safety. Each time the machine is stopped maintenance, you should check whether the foreign body inside the casing, and promptly clean up.

For service, please consult to SGT ,can provide professional service.

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