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Paddle Washing Machine Operation

March 10 , 2023

The paddle washing machine consist of framework, main shaft, propeller, housing, shoveling plate, bearing block and driving accembly. It is structural simplification, well designed, smooth operation, low breakage, energy and water save.

When cleaning, the material moves forward among the paddle blade to outlet where the hopper brings the cleaned material to the conveying belt and then to the next step.

Working Condition

1.   temperature:0~40℃;

2.   humidity:≤70%;

3.   Operating Voltage:380V,frequency:50Hz(different design for different contries)。


According to process requirements that install paddle washing machine in the exact location.Please fix it after adjust the horizontal position.


1.    Please kindly check lubricant amount of reduction box(lubricant surface parallel to oil standard line). The protective cover is firm and stable, the sewage outfall smoothly, Turn on the power switch and test. Then check operation condition.

2.    When equipment operation, can’t be adjusted, tools and and other debris can’t be falled into sink.

3.    Working conditions is poor when Cleaning machine operation. Every shift worker must clean it and change water.

4.    Please test motor current value after equipment working normally. And watching it whether exceed motor’s the rated current.

5.    After cleaning machine stop working, must clean the material of rolling cage. Then cleaning and wipe the sink inside and outside.

6.    Please check reducer’s lubricant amount and cleaning condition for each month. According rules of 《Reducer Instructions》. It be oiled regularly.

Before equipment operation,pls kindly check paddle washing machine with foreign matter or not.if with foreign matter,please kindly take it out.In case lead to accident.


1.   During equipment operation, should  clean debris and other materials regularly in the paddle washing machine.Keeping uncontaminated and non-corrosive in machine inside and outside.

2.   Please kindly check reducer regularly,and bearing seat whether oiled regularly.

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