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Rasper For Starch Processing Line
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Rasper Operating Conditions

April 18 , 2023

The rasper machine is equipped with a combination of rasp of the rotor rotates in two bearings, the spacing of rasp plate and rasping article are adjusted by bolts, sieve plate located under the files.

Separate bearing not in contact with the cabinet, and therefore will not be damaged by water leakage in case rasper. Rasper rotor by the motor and V-belt pulley drive motor and the rotor is mounted in a very sturdy stainless steel machine base. The inlet on the top of rasper. V-belt pulley drives with stainless steel shield completely closed. The aircraft with high-speed rotation of the rotor rasp bars, the material between the rasp plate screwed into the ground into particles filing, and uniform emulsion falls through the sieve chute.

Operating conditions

1. Temp 0~40℃;

2. humidity≤70%;

3. Operating Voltage 380V,frequency 50Hz(Different countries can be specially designed)。

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