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Tidecom Potato Starch Processing Terminology Sharing

September 13 , 2022

Potatoes are the fourth most important food crop in the world, after wheat, rice and maize. After more than 20 years of development, China's potato starch processing industry has formed a number of industrial zones. However, the naming of potato starch processing sections by various manufacturers and suppliers is relatively random, and no unified naming rules have been formed. In order to further Standardize the terms and definitions of each section. As a professional company dedicated to the development and manufacture of complete sets of machinery and equipment for food and agricultural products processing, Tidecom Technology Co., Ltd. has gradually formed its own set of product standardization terms and definitions based on years of work experience. We hope to further accelerate the development of industry standardization.

Process name Process interpretation
Feeding section
The potato raw materials are transported into the production line through hydraulic conveying or conveying equipment.
Cleaning section
The potato raw materials are cleaned by removing impurities, stones, and sand to obtain clean potato raw materials.
Filing section
Filing and grinding the clean potato raw materials to break the cell wall to release free starch.
Sand removal section
The potato pulp or starch milk is de-sanded and separated, and the pulp is purified to remove impurities such as fine sand or iron filings with a large specific gravity.
Screening section
Screen the potato pulp to separate the potato residue and starch.
Potato waste dewatering section
The potato waste are dewatered through various dewatering equipment to remove free water from the potato waste.
Potato waste drying section

The dewatered potato waste are dried by a dryer to obtain commercial potato waste.

Starch refining section
The sieved crude starch milk is refined and purified to remove impurities such as fine fibers, proteins and sugars contained in the starch.
Starch dewatering section
The starch milk is dewatered through various types of starch dewatering equipment to obtain wet starch.
Starch drying section

The wet starch is dried by drying equipment to obtain the final commodity starch.

Starch screening section
The dried starch is screened through a starch screen to reach the final starch fineness standard and remove gelatinized starch and large particles of impurities.
Starch packaging section
The sieved starch is packaged into large packages such as small packages or ton bags with various types of packaging machines.

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