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Quality is the foundation of Tidecom Technology Co., Ltd.

March 10, 2023

In order to further improve the quality of products and improve the customer's satisfaction with the products, Tidecom Technology Co., Ltd. recently conducted an internal training meeting on "improving the quality awareness of employees" in its spare time. The training was organized by the Quality Control Department and attended by the heads of all departments and workshop teams of the company.

The training content starts from the concept of quality awareness, combines the quality accidents around employees, and publicizes the importance of employees' quality and the harm of low-quality products. Through the analysis of real quality cases, we can deeply realize that quality problems will bring huge additional costs to enterprises. Quality is the guarantee of profits, the reputation of enterprises, and the foundation of long-term development of enterprises.

At the training meeting, the keynote speaker taught everyone to master several simple and practical methods, such as 4M1E control method and 5W analysis method, to improve the product quality through employees' own small efforts, and required employees to be familiar with the inspection standards, understand the content requirements of the operation specifications, and establish the ideology of "quality is produced, not tested".

The improvement of product quality should begin with the improvement of employees' awareness. This training is for the company to carry out the work of total quality management in the next stage and make ideological preparations in advance. The company has always implemented the following principles: regard quality problems as the first priority, firmly establish the awareness of "quality first, service first", and keep improving.

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