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Rasper For Starch Processing Line
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Rasper For Starch Processing Line

Rasper is widely used in starch processing. It breaks raw materials to be high fitness, uniform particles, high starch free rate.

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  • Technical Parameters

Rasper is a key equipment that is widely used in starch production to break the material.

The machine and material contact parts made of stainless steel(It can also be made of stainless steel, optional). Special stainless forging rotor, the rotor is mounted on a 120 (90) Specially designed, 1.25mm thick, two-way combination rasp bars. Rasping strip clamped between two conical jaws by pins fixed, mounted inserted in the tapered recess of the rotor, for quick replacement.

This rasper is compact with high rotary speed,(That relative speed of 2100 rev / min, rotor line speed of about 100 m / sec.)

the material coming out from the rasper is fine and uniform size,ensures high starch extraction rate.It is SGT’s special world’s advanced technology.

Key features and benefits:

1. By precision rotor balancing test, transmission smooth,  reliable

2. Rasping rasp rotor on the river for two-way combination rasp, through the use of high-quality large speed characteristics make rasping power, high frequency, steady rasp process, high production efficiency

3. Tooth surface hardness rasp bars used HRC47, material thickness 16Mn 1.25mm, more durable, the use of holding strip means causes rasping mosaic more stable in the rotor, and to remove, replace broken rasp bars faster and more convenient

4. 304 stainless steel sieve, durable

5. The machine and material contact parts made of stainless steel (also available in stainless steel production, optional), reasonable mechanism, easy maintenance, production process, no rust, clean, good quality of the finished product Simple replacement of the rasp way, without special tools

6. In the case of guaranteed capacity, lower power consumption

7. With a new bearing and body design avoids the different debris into the bearings may effectively ensure the life and performance

8. Using more efficient sieve and remove the stopper design, easy operation

Structure and principle:

Rasper is composed of the base, rotor, spindle, combined blades, bearings, rasp plate, sieve, motor, etc. The material comes out from the rasper is fine and even size, ensures high starch extraction rate.

Rasper Chart:

The machine is equipped with a combination of rasp of the rotor rotates in two bearings, the spacing of rasp plate and Rasping Article are adjusted by bolts,sieve plate located under the Files.

Separate bearing not in contact with the cabinet, and therefore will not be damaged by water leakage in case Rasper. Rasper rotor by the motor and V-belt pulley drive motor and the rotor is mounted in a very sturdy stainless steel machine base.The inlet on the top of rasper. V-belt pulley drives with stainless steel shield completely closed.The aircraft with high-speed rotation of the rotor rasp bars, the material between the rasp plate screwed into the ground into particles filing, and uniform emulsion falls through the sieve chute. 

Spindle speed (r/min)
Width (mm)
Power (kw)



   Sweet potato  (t/h)     



Weight (kg)
200 15-45
300 90-110
400 132-160
500 160-200
600 200-250
1490 600 250-315

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.