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Sungai Budi Group - Brief Introduction of 17 100TPD Tapioca Starch Production Line Transformation Projects

March 03, 2022

Indonesia Sungai Budi Group Corporation is currently the world's largest tapioca starch processing group company. There are more than a dozen tapioca starch production enterprises throughout Indonesia, with a total of 22 100TPD tapioca starch production lines, and the total annual output of tapioca starch exceeds 1 million tons.

After decades of production and use, these production lines are currently outdated in terms of technological processes and equipment functions. The quality of cassava starch is unstable, energy consumption is high, and water pollution is serious, and it is in urgent need of renovation and renewal. After repeated inspections and comparisons with many cassava starch equipment suppliers around the world, Sungai Budi Group Corporation finally chose to cooperate with Tidecom Technology Co., Ltd. in May 2019, and provided two 100TPD cassava starch production lines in advance. For technical transformation, our company is responsible for the design of the transformation plan and provides related equipment. Our company's technicians carefully designed according to the specific situation of the site, selected the best technical solution and equipment selection configuration, and our company provided advanced production equipment. Under the on-site guidance of our company's technical staff, after nearly 2 months of construction in December, two 100TPD cassava starch production lines were transformed and successfully debugged at one time. After more than one year of actual production and use by Sungai Budi Group Company, the difficult situation of incomprehension and unfamiliarity with the process and equipment operation in the early stage of production has been overcome. At the same time, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, our company's technicians cannot go to Indonesia. All kinds of problems encountered in production were solved on-site. Our company’s technicians could only guide on-site production operations through remote phone calls and videos. After the unremitting efforts of both parties, the later cassava starch production line finally normalized production and achieved the expected goal of Sungai Budi Group Company. In the end, Sungai Budi Group Co., Ltd. obtained high recognition and trust of our company's technical solutions, equipment selection, equipment quality and after-sales service. After March 2021, we have successively signed another 15 100TPD tapioca starch production lines with our company. Transformation contracts, so that the transformation of cassava starch production lines undertaken by our company has reached 17. Up to now, our company has shipped the retrofit equipment for 10 production lines, and the retrofit equipment for the other 5 production lines is also in intensive production, and it is expected to be delivered by the end of November 2021.

Through the reconstruction project of 17 100TPD cassava starch production lines undertaken by our company in Indonesia Sungai Budi Group, not only the Indonesian Sungai Budi Group has expanded the share of global cassava starch, but also stabilized the position of the world's largest cassava starch producer. At the same time, it also deepens the influence of Tidecom Technology Co., Ltd. in domestic and foreign markets, and achieves our company's business goal of "creating value for customers". The strategic purpose of win-win cooperation between the two parties has been achieved.

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