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Tidecom works overtime to ensure on-time delivery

September 16, 2022

In 2022, under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, many manufacturing industries will face a shortage of orders, and some enterprises will limit production, stop production, or even close down. In the production workshop of Tidecom Technology, it is a scene of great enthusiasm. Recently, it has entered a concentrated period of project order delivery. In order to deliver goods to customers on time, the production workshop is very busy. Not only do they work overtime continuously, but they also give up rest on Sundays. On the evening of August 22, employees worked overtime to load and deliver goods. Everyone cooperates with each other busily and orderly. Exhaustion and hard work did not reduce everyone's enthusiasm for work. Everyone always maintained a state of selfless spirit and stuck to the production line with full enthusiasm. At 21:00 in the evening, the customized starch air feeding and sieveing system project of Foshan Huahao Huafeng Starch Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was delivered as scheduled.

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