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Rasper For Starch Processing Line
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Chopper operation

April 19 , 2023

Working condition



3.Operating Voltage:380V,frequency:50Hz(different design for different contries).

Installation, operation and maintenance

1. Installation

According to process requirements that install chopper in the exact location. It shall be placed in a horizontal position. Fix the disc distributor feeder and silo after adjust the horizontal position.

2. Operation

(1) Please kindly check if connection cable is loose or not before equipment operation

(2) Please kindly check if the leather belt is enough tight or not before equipment operation.

(3) Please kindly check if bearing is enough lubricating or not before equipment operation.

(4) Please kindly check if the main power is turn on or not before equipment operation, After confirm all cable is connected rightly. Inching the chopper, check rotation direction is right or not. Turn on chopper after make sure the rotation direction is right.

Before equipment operation, pls kindly check the chopper with foreign matter or not. If with foreign matter, please kindly take it out. In case lead to accident.

3. Maintain

(1) During equipment operation, should clean debris and other materials regularly in the chopper. Keeping uncontaminated and non-corrosive in machine inside and outside.

(2) Please kindly regularly check the bearing if enough lubricating or not.

(3)After equipment is work normally, pls test motor current value,and  watch if exceed motor rated current.In case equipment overloading operation.

If you need install or repair service, please kindly consult SGT Co., ltd. We can provide professional free installation and repair service.

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