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Do you know the structure and principle of flash dryer?

April 21 , 2023

The flash dryer is composed of a heat exchanger, a throwing device, a drying tube, a cyclone separator, a shut-off device, an induced draft fan, a main fan pipe, and a tail gas discharge pipe.

During the drying process, fresh and clean air is heated by a heat exchanger and mixed with the material particles transported from the throwing device (or a special sealed spiral conveyor can be used to transport the particle materials). Hot air is used as the medium to transfer heat energy to the material particles, causing the moisture attached to the surface of the material particles and some contained inside the material particles to become steam and mix with the airflow in the drying tube. Finally, a cyclone separator and a shut-off device are used to separate the material from air and water vapor, thereby reducing the moisture content in the material. The dried material enters the next process through the discharge port; The exhaust gas is discharged through the exhaust pipe through the main pipe of the induced draft fan.

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