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Paddle Washing Machine For Plant Wash Processing


The paddle washing machine is used to wash the raw material mainly in the production of starch, potato starch, etc.

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The paddle washing machine is mainly used in the production of starch, potato flour to wash the raw material.

The washer works according to the principle of counter current washing. The material flows from the inlet to the outlet among the rotating of paddle blade while the water in the rinse bath flows in the converse direction. Such movement can eliminate the sand and mud effectively.


Main features and advantages

1. Adopted counter current washing principle makes cleaning and eliminates the sand and mud effectively.

2. Reasonable feeding manner makes distribution of workshop equipment

Properly .

3. Running smooth and low material breakage rate is beneficial to the extraction of starch.

4. Easy operation ,energy and water saving.

5. Advanced design of equipment structure, easy to maintenance. It is our company carefully created product which client is satisfied.


Structure and Principle

The paddle washing machine consist of framework, main shaft, propeller, housing, shoveling plate, bearing block and driving accembly. It is structural simplification, well designed, smooth operation, low breakage, energy and water save.

When cleaning, the material moves forward among the paddle blade to outlet where the hopper brings the cleaned material to the conveying belt and then to the next step.

Inner diameter (mm)
Power (kw)
Size (mm)
1000 7.5 8810*1320*1150
1500 18.5 8810*1620*2210
1000 7.5 8820*1120*1590

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Product Advantages 1.Combining the mature European technologies and domestic production in high standard, makes our system of the best performance-price ratio. 2.Fully closed and modular structure makes compact layout, resulting in a sharp reduction of installation time. 3.Steady running control system range from fully automatic to manual, catering to customers’ needs for various systems. 4.By utilizing 3D design software, detailed drawings can be provided for customers’ facilitated installations.

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.